Overall Brochure of Products:



Matrix of CTW Machines Forces, Strokes, Velocities:

Dyno Matrix HP-Stroke-more..


Computer Specs: Dell (or similar main-stream (HP)) laptop of INTEL 8th Generation i5 or i7 (preferred) dual core processor

    - 8 GB RAM (or more!)

    - Win10 (preferred) and 64 bit (required)

    - 3 USB ports needed, can be used with 2 USB ports and a USB hub


RD3 vs. RD2 Force Curves for Damper Testing:

Force Curve Imperial         

Force Curve Metric


CTW Automation Damper and Shock Dyno Specifications:

RD2 Specification Sheet

RD3 Specification Sheet

RD5 Specification Sheet

RD 7.5 Specification Sheet